Taner Akçam

  • Associate Professor, Department of History, Clark University
  • Title: Turkey in Transtion: How Should we Assess the Islamist Party AKP?
  • Abstract:

    The electoral success of the Islamist AKP since 2002 has changed the Turkey dramatically.

    For the first time in Turkish history, an elected government with strong support from the people, is trying to push the military and bureaucracy out of the political sphere and diminish their political power over the judicial-administrative system.

    What is the significance of the AKP? Islam and modernization were like the blades of a pair of scissors in Turkey that separated as it was opened. Are the AKP trying to close the opening gap between Islam and modernization or do they have a secret plan to create an Islamic regime with its cultural and political values? What is the role of history and Armenian Genocide in this picture?

    This event is co-sponsored with the Comparative Muslim Societies Program at Cornell University.

  • Date & time: 12:15pm on Monday, November 8, 2010
  • Location: 181 Goldwin Smith Hall

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